Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ina's big love

Ina and her oldest son Fred.
We all said goodbye to Ina a year ago.  She had been through a great deal physically, but her spirit never wavered, nor weakened.  My aunt Ina was a strong and unchanging presence in  all of our lives.  She was full of love and full of spunk  She never held back what was on her heart and on her mind.  She'd give you her two cents worth and a quarter to boot.

She never took guff off anyone.  A straight shooter that Ina, but it was always straight from her heart, a heart full of an honest love.  Ina Chunn was a wonderful human being.  I couldn't be in the same room with her without her demanding a hug and some sugar.  From childhood to adulthood, I could not escape her wanting sugar, and never wanted to.

Even during the trials of her final years, her spirit remained strong.  Ina was Ina and our world was richer having known her.  I know when I see her again, she'll want a hug and a little more sugar.

You are missed dear aunt Ina, and will always be remembered.  We will never forget your big love.
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