Sunday, September 22, 2013

somewhere between

i have been to those places
places with no end
no compass
no direction
without clear path
places contrived by the mind
or images planted by God
Escheresque landscapes
a futile passage
through which there is
no way out
of forests dense
surrounded by chasms deep
plateau upon plateau
separated by plateaus
no visible logical means
of returning
endless endless
corridors that are the same
same doors
leading looping back again
to the same doors
to the same corridors again
spiraling stairs up down
twisted sceneries
no script
no scenarios
just ceaseless movement
ceaseless activities
constant journeys
through places only
the inner eternal soul can percieve
places stolen from reality
or places of deja vu
bending stretching warping
yet for some unknown reason
for those moments
i accept as my reality
sleeping sojourner

not realizing
it is just my mind playing with me
stealing me there
time and time again
like an ancient dusty record
playing round and round
again again
i have been to those places
been there a thousand nights
places fabricated
seemingly real
lands created
somewhere between
right and left hemisphere
trying to tell me something
or nothing at all
visions prophecies fables
random tangible
electrical impulses
thoughts memories
clashing randomly between
my mind's deep sleep
different stages
different plays
acted out
by those living
those dead
of those i knew
or now know
or never met
i am in it
always there
talking walking seeing touching
yet finding no way no answers
moving about
without chosen method
 minus conscious decisions
moving about the eternal
without a route
 no out
always in
no hope of end
no out
no knob
nor exit
no exit only
until i wake
only escape
when i wake

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