Friday, July 26, 2013

seeing red

Since movie admission prices have gotten so high, I am very particular about what movies I go to see.  I used to go all the time.  Now I pretty much do a little Internet research before going before I make the mistake of emptying my pocket for something mediocre.

I don't mind waiting a month or two to see most movies on my home TV via Redbox or Netflix.  There are some movies that are big screen movies.  I'm still waiting to see the next installment of The Hobbit on the big screen.  Some movies should be seen on the big screen.  Let's face it, most movies today are just as good on the little screen as the big screen. Most movies I don't mind waiting to see.

We're celebrating Gina's 50th birthday this week.  Gina worked last weekend so she could take a couple of days off for herself this weekend.  She didn't have to wake up early this morning, so we ended up hitting a late show last night.  Gina likes action movies as much as I do.  She likes comedies as much as I do too.  I knew when I saw Red 2 out, that it would be a great date night movie for the two of us.  We went and neither of us were disappointed.

I really enjoyed Red 2.  This franchise is a cut above Expendables franchise because of the writing.  Both these movie franchises are comprised of star studded casts (older established actors) with lots of action, but the Expendables movies are one dimensional.  They are enjoyable to watch, but the Red franchise offers more.

Red 2 is is just as much of a thrilling roller-coaster ride as the most recent James Bond movie Skyfall.  You love all the characters, you don't know what's going to  happen next.  It's just a great ride.  I love the characters, the banter, the story...everything.

One thing though that I particularly enjoy  about the Red movies ~ is the generosity.  Even though this is a Bruce Willis vehicle, Bruce is an extremely generous actor.  In Red, Bruce lets John Malkovich steal the show.  In Red 2, both John Malkovich and Anthony Hopkins really shine.  I can't help but think that Hopkins had the time of his life playing Edward Baily. Though Bruce is a funny guy, he doesn't seem to mind playing the straight man.  Everybody shines in this movie, everybody gets to play and I like that.

There is nothing formulaic about Red 2.  Like it's predecessor, it's unpredictable.  As much as I enjoyed the first movie,  I like this one better.  It was money well spent.  It was good to know that Gina enjoyed it as much as I did.  Since we don't go to the movies like we used to, I really try to make sure it's a movie she'll enjoy too.

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