Sunday, June 30, 2013

mixed nuts

At the worship kinship today, Todd said it, I had been thinking it.  He used the term 'mixed nuts'!  The beginning of the meeting these two words hung in my head and I didn't say anything...then Todd said it.  It was a personal confirmation for me.  God likes mixed nuts!

Our church has multiple worship leaders with different voices, different styles ~ different flavors of worship. Any Sunday you attend the Gadsden Vineyard you'll experience a different worship band doing something completely different.  One just doesn't know what to expect from one Sunday to the next.

There's no way to bring all of it into the sameness of flavor.  We might be able to crack it and put in the same can, but we can't change who we are individually to conform to a single flavor or taste.  We can however hone our skills, become better leaders, be more diligent in order to be the best individual nut we can be.  God likes mixed nuts!  He just wants us to become more disciplined and refined.  He wants us to be more diligent in our job as worship leaders.

I don't want to be the nut in the can who offers up something that God had rather eat around.  I desire to be that nut who the rest of the body can follow and join in with greater ease.  I desire my worship and praise offered to be as an aroma enjoyable to the Lord.  He inhabits our praise, so lets offer him a premium product.  Let us open up a can of our best individual efforts, to be a mixture of DELUXE mixed nuts.

I don't want to be the nut found in a can of a generic brand that tastes funky and weird ~ that one would wish to spit out.  If I am a mere cocktail nut, that's okay.  I'll strive to be the best cocktail nut that I can be.   I really want to be the pecan or the cashew, because that's what I like to find plenty of in each can of mixed nuts.  No matter what kind of nut we are, let us strive to become that delightful blend of nuts that are pleasing little morsels unto him.  No matter what kind of nut we each may be, just remember that God prefers salt on our sacrifices.  We will not be salty if we are not pursuing him throughout each day.

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