Friday, May 24, 2013

riding the wave

Singing with The Wave @ Christian Brother's Skylight 1992
This photo was taken at Christian Brother's Skylight.  I was living in Bowling Green, KY at the time and was invited to drive down and play with Permanent Wave (The Wave) on a Skylight Night.  The Wave consisted of Brook Finlayson, Michael Bynum, Nori Kelley, Debbie Handy, Kim England and Kenny Young.

At the time Christian Brothers Association(CBA) was renting the building to Vineyard Christian Fellowship.  The Wave was the worship band for the Vineyard fellowship.  The Wave had an incredible sound and vibe.  The band formed not long after Gina and I married and moved off to Kentucky.  I remember feeling kind of left out on what was going on down there in Alabama.  I always appreciated the few opportunities I got to drive down and play with them.

Gina and I returned to Gadsden in '96.  The Wave had ebbed by that time, but the incredible worship continued.  Everyone you see here on this stage are still leading worship today.  We might not all share the same stage these days, but we are even closer now than we then.

Christian Brothers and Vineyard folk came together like the chocolate and peanut butter in a Reese's Cup.  Christian Brothers decided to close the coffeehouse as each of us felt the season of this ministry had come to an end.  Members of the CBA board felt individually led to give the building over to the Vineyard Fellowship who had been renting from us for some time ~ but that's another story.

I am a member of this Vineyard and so I see the old Skylight stage on a weekly basis.  I have countless wonderful memories of great moments on and around that stage when it was Christian Brothers as well as with Vineyard.  I rarely get to play on that stage anymore.  Vineyard now primarily uses the larger stage in the main hall.  Michael Bynum has recently started the Vineyard Recovery Fellowship from the old Skylight stage every Saturday night.  It's great seeing the old stage being used on a regular basis.

The wave continues.

Michael leads worship for recovery gathering @ Vineyard
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