Sunday, April 28, 2013

public restrooms

As a man in my mid-fifties, I've been in a lot of public bathrooms.  One thing I've noticed while in the men's restroom, is how few men actually wash their hands after using the potty.  Even when they do, it's more like wet their hands and exit.  A few days ago I was in the bathroom and a fellow approached the sink next to me and commenced to washing his hands like a surgeon.  That's strange, I thought I was the only one that did that.

About 90% of the men in restrooms either just walk out after doing their business or briefly wash their hands.  This is not a Pew Poll, but rather a P-U statistics that I have acquired via personal experience. I think if businesses quit furnishing soap in their bathrooms that it would only occasionally be missed.

I don't like the hot air blower.  I'd rather have a paper towel to dry my hands.  If I have a paper towel, then I can use the towel to open the door to get out of the bathroom.  Think about it.  All those men walking out of the bathroom had their hands all over the push-plate/doorknob with their crotch germs still on their hands.  Ewwww!

Consider the hot air blower for a moment.  Public bathrooms are infested with all kinds of bacteria.  Once you push that button the hot air blower blows hot air.  That hot air stirs up and makes for a wonderful transport for all that bacteria in the room.  Give me paper towels any day.

I like it when a trash can is close to the exit so I can throw my paper towel away as I exit. If there's no paper towel, then the only thing a public potty patron can do is to use a part of the hand that will least likely be needed for eating...say the back of the hand.  Having travel size container of Purell on hand would be handy.

Another thing that many men don't do is flip up the toilet seat when they have to pee.  This is an all to common nasty habit.  Even with the lid up, the men's room floor often looks as if a bathroom peeing patron had an epileptic seizure while standing over the toilet.  It would be considerate if those trick shooters out there would just use a wall urinal or just have a seat so there's not so much collateral damage on and around the toilet bowl.  Sheesh!

Last Friday I went into a facility there was toilet paper not in a holder.  Instead, the patron has no option but to manipulate the roll and un-spool their own tissue.  By the disgusting appearance of the only loose toilet roll in the room, I decided not to find solace there.

I once exclaimed to my wife how disgusting I find men's restrooms.  She quickly replied that the women's restrooms are probably even worse.  I just couldn't comprehend that being the case ~ surely women are the cleaner of the sexes.  Men have the option of doing their business standing.  Gina corrected me and said that women hover.  That's amazing, I thought.  I knew that men and women were made different, but I had no idea that women had the ability of becoming human hovercraft!  Why if I could hover ~ I'd go to more places.  I'd get out more.  If I could hover ~ I wouldn't mind going to the mall with my wife to shop.  My feet would never get tired, never have to touch the ground if I could hover too.

...But I digress.

What I am trying to say is that public restrooms are not safe.  Public restrooms are full of disgusting germs, disgusting sights and sounds.  When you have to go, be careful and by all means be considerate.  Above all, BE CLEAN!  Cleanse thy hands thoroughly after going in there.  Most public restrooms are not fit for the public.

PS: Women, when your man comes back from the bathroom, ask him if he washed his hands real good.  Make eye contact with him and ask him a second time.  If he cannot maintain eye contact - turns away and says "yes".  Demand that he return to the men's room and wash his hands properly.

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