Wednesday, April 3, 2013

it's always something

Yesterday we had to put a new septic line in our backyard.  It's nice to be able to have use of the downstairs bathroom again.  Looking out at our backyard I see the earth turned upside down from the new line.  Now we'll need topsoil, landscaping.  It's always something.

I had someone come to the house tonight to look at my refrigerator.  The ice-maker isn't working.  Instead of making ice, it's only leaking water.  We also need to replace a gasket that fell off around the fridge door.  While he was there I told him that my washing machine was making a loud noise.  It's working, it's just making a loud noise.  He put it on spin and smiled.  It's the bearings, you'll need a new kit.  It's always something.

Everything requires maintenance.  Things require maintenance.  Places require maintenance.  People require maintenance.  There's always a need to fix things.  Nothing lasts forever.  To keep going, we must stay on top of things.  We don't just own things, we must be responsible and maintain our stuff if we want to keep them.

Last week I dropped my GPS (that I've only used four times) after charging it.  It fell on the cement floor and the screen cracked.  To fix it would probably cost as much to replace it.  My wife gave it to me as a Christmas present and it's not a need.  It's just a want, peace of mind on road trips.  It still works, so I'll just use it till it can travel no more.

Three weeks ago I hurt my toe.  It was such a small thing but I'm a diabetic and the toe quickly got worse.  I've been tending to it daily, doing what my podiatrist tells me to do.  I'm not sure how much a need a big toe is, but I didn't want to lose it.  I've become quite attached to it after all these years.  I've been back and forth to my podiatrist.  Even though my toe is BLACK, he said that the tissue is still pretty and pink underneath, that I should be fine in a couple of weeks.  I must learn to own and be responsible for my disease.  I'm still praying for God to take it away from me, but I must own it as long as I have it.  I have to maintain my diet, take my Rx and watch my feet.  With diabetes, as with life in general, we must take care of ourselves, maintain our health.

There are things in life that we must do.  We can opt not to, but we'll have to deal with the consequences if we don't.  If we do what it takes to maintain, we'll last longer.

Take care!
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