Wednesday, March 6, 2013

that 70's kitchen

To own a home is continual upkeep.  Gina and I kind of got behind when we opened our business.  Everything we had went into the business.  Besides, we spent more time at the office than we did at home.  Now we the business is gone and we are home.

Our kitchen is finally getting a floor.  We had a tile floor laid yesterday and they are finishing with the grout today.  Hopefully Friday we'll have another crew in the house to install new counter tops, cook top, vent hood and back-splash.

I spent Monday painting trim that's going down at the base.  I had extra paint left over from painting the paneled walls in the kitchen two years ago and gave them an fresh coat too.  The floor has already made a big difference in our kitchen.

When we first moved in our house 16+ years ago, it was what I called 'a very Brady kitchen'.  Back in the 70's, hip housewives really dug Harvest Gold, Coppertone an Avacado (Wasn't that an Eagles song?).  Down through the years we replaced our harvest gold refrigerator, disposed of the harvest gold trash compactor, replaced the harvest gold (chipped) sink.  Jose' and I ripped up the harvest gold floor tile two years ago.  Hopefully by Friday evening we'll have disposed of the harvest gold cook-top and cook-top hood.  We've been getting rid of the far-outdated harvest gold stuff only as the hardware died.  I've been cooking off the two small back eyes of the cook-top for three months now.  The big burners died out and replacing the eyes was a waste of money.

The new cook-top will have five eyes and I'm a happy camper.  I do most of the cooking in our household and I'll be relieved to have a fully operational kitchen again.  
The only thing harvest gold remaining will be the double oven.  It's ugly as hell, but it still works.

Jose' is going to try to come by Saturday and work on installing a trash bin drawer to go in the hole where the trash compactor used to be.  He's going to make a new door front and I've got enough paint left over to match the rest of the kitchen cabinets.

There's some other finishing touches to mind after that, but I'll get'r done in good time.  
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