Monday, March 25, 2013

painting painting and painting

The kitchen renovation for the most part is behind us.  A recent illness kept me from finishing the painting.  I painted the cabinets and the walls before the new tile, the counters and the back-splash.  Grout from the tile installation got on the freshly painted wall paneling.  Tearing out the old counter top messed up freshly painted cabinets to some degree.  A new piece of paneling had to be replaced several weeks ago and I had to repaint all the paneling so the paint would match.  I feel as if I am painting my kitchen over and over again.  In fact, I am.  The door that Jose' installed needed priming, sanding and painting.  I finally got that done today.  It'd look better if done by a professional.   I'll be so glad when painting the kitchen is over.

I spent much of my day today painting, then waiting for paint to dry in order to paint some more.  I am not a very good painter.  I try to be neat, I try not to make a mess, but I feel as if I get more paint on me than the object I am attempting to paint.  I did a fairly decent job, but not completely satisfied with my lack of skill with roller or brush.

Over the years I have acquired a respect for a good painter.  A good painter must be both highly skilled and patient.  I used to think anyone could paint, but I was so young, so naive, and so very wrong.  You really have to know what you're doing to be a good painter...and I don't.  Whenever I go to the paint store for a bucket of paint, I do my best to ask questions from the paint gurus.  I return home with instructions and the best paint money can buy with a high hope that I'll paint like a pro.  Nope.  I never do.  If I had the money, I'd pay someone to do it, but I don't so I don't.  I do the best I can and try to look at life as a big picture, not focus on the little things.  If I'm the dude doing the painting for you, I recommend you not looking too close.  Gina hasn't complained because she hasn't offered to help with the painting.  My rule is, you can't issue a complaint if you don't help paint.

I just did another walk through and see where I need to re-open the paint can yet again and go over where some more grouting mix stained the paneling.  I keep missing stuff!  Did I say that I am tired of painting?  Maybe I'll touch up those areas and finally get to move the rest of the kitchen stuff back into the kitchen.  We've had our kitchen remodeled for two weeks now and still not able to sit around the table for a family meal.  I'll continue to remind myself where I started and quit being impatient.  I've come a long way.  I'm almost there!  A little more painting and we'll be good to go.

I am so tired of painting!
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