Friday, March 8, 2013

look ~ a squirrel!

I love to write. I started blogging back in 2006.  I moved over to Blogger and launched an online journal called Long Journey Home in 2007.  My old Tripod blog location started inundating me with pop-ups and I got so frustrated that I ditched the site and moved on over to a new, quieter neighborhood.  Long Journey Home reflects  whatever is going on in my life or on my mind.  My mind is always going every direction, hence all the  varied interests, sites and groups.

I found myself launching another blog, about all things relating to growing up as a baby-boomer. So I pronounced myself Mayor of Boomerville, USA back in 2008.  Boomerville has been a fun trip for me.  I enjoy it because it's a place where we aging boomers can look back, mostly with fondness, and relate.  So many of us, no matter what part of these great United States we were born and raised ~ we share a common experience.

When facebook came along, I remember being invited into the realm by a dear old friend.  I originally thought facebook was a place to share pictures and chat and poke each other.   I had only two friends on facebook for about a year before it seemed to catch on.  After a while more and more family and friends started joining facebook and I was suddenly among a sea of people.

I still don't get the poking thing.

Having been a graphic designer for years with busy fingers, and an interest in political discussion, I ended up using my personal account for posting politically related graphics for encouraging conversation.  I create and post a lot of conservative minded original images and back them with related links and news items.  Sometimes there's been very lively debate.

In 2009 I created my  first facebook group out of boredom.  I had been instructed by my doctor not to lift anything after a surgery.  I didn't have anything to do around the house ~ so I scanned and uploaded a bunch of old photos and postcards I had of Etowah County.  Membership jumped day by day without any promotion or effort.   It just took off and has been up there ever since.  There's over 3,300 members today and still growing.  People have upload their own old photos and share their countless memories of Gadsden past.  We've had old friends that hadn't met in decades reconnect via Welcome to Gadsden.  There are many people there who were raised here and hadn't been back.  They come to reconnect and take part in this e-community.  It's been a wonderful experience.

A smaller group that I really enjoy contributing to is my Boomerville,USA group on facebook.  The reason I launched this group was as a means to link posts from my Boomerville blog.  I like to write and I want people to read what I wrote.  I was initially trying to herd people from facebook over to my boomer blog.  I don't really know if the group members even read the blog, but they seem to have plenty of fun at the group.  I love it when other people started making the group their own.   Both Welcome to Gadsden and Boomerville, USA have taken on a life of their own.  I've tried to keep both of these sites apolitical.  If people don't like my political stance, I can tell them a place where they can go.

Like I wrote earlier, I can and do get political, but not on certain sites.  I have a voice.  I have a desire to use my talents to state fact, truth, share news and inflict visual satire.   I post political graphics and commentary on my own personal account as well as The Daily Bullet.  It's a gun site, and I post A LOT of info regarding our inalienable 2nd Amendment Rights.  Most of my time on-line these days is used reading and gathering daily gun news, 2nd Amendment updates for this particular group.  I've acquired a bunch of on-line resources and feel it's a great reference for TDB members.  I've noticed that most news sources have an average of 1 to 3 gun related news stories daily.  I spend time going from news source to news source to news source, culling and posting relevant items for TDB ~ about 10 to 12 gun news items daily.  I have less than 200 members in this group, but it's been the place I've contributed the most.  I'm not a even a gun aficionado, I just started it to learn and I learning every day I am.

DISCLAIMER: No animals were harmed in the making of this blog.
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