Tuesday, February 19, 2013

mending home

Gina doesn't want company our home. We used to be company people, but not for quite sometime.   It's not that she doesn't enjoy entertaining friends, she loves company, just not in our home.  It's not that she doesn't want company, but the house is upside down...and has been for quite some time.

Anyone who owns a home can tell you that houses must be maintained.  There are countless tasks around the house, perpetual upkeep that makes a home a nice home.  Since the Summer of 2005, we made a decision to open a business.  Almost all of our resources went into making the business go.  Unfortunately, the business didn't go thanks to bozos in Washington, DC.  As most of you know, we closed our doors in August of 2012.

We lived day to day, hand to mouth.  We drove used cars, we made sure the kids had what they needed, we did without from day to day from year to year. We put money into the business, into the day to day stuff and not our house.  The kitchen looks the worst.  Of course it started out a very Brady kitchen, but got to where it looked more like a very  Munsters kitchen.

Our road to recovery started with our kitchen.  Too long have I been cooking off of two cook-top eyes.  Too long have I lived with our refrigerator  situated in our den.  Over two years ago my pal Jose' and I removed the particle board sub-floor and jagged tile from the kitchen so my kids wouldn't cut their feet when they passed through.  At the time we replaced it with a good sub-floor, but have been walking on the rough sub-flooring ever since.  No more!

We've neglected our home for too long.  Now that we get to be in it more (rather than spend all our time at the office) we want our house in good working order.  We are not there yet.  We've only just begun! Getting the kitchen fixed, fixing the house is our way  of getting the past behind us.  It's time to focus on the home!

Soon we'll have new tile floors, new counter tops, new cook-top and back-splash.  The old cabinets now have a nice coat of paint on them and all new hardware.  It still doesn't look like much but I am anxiously awaiting to finish our kitchen...get everything installed. It will be nice to cook in decent space again.

We've got other projects in the wings, but this one will make me happy.  We'll be taking on the projects as we can afford them.  Maybe someday Gina will let me invite friends over.  One of these days.
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