Friday, November 30, 2012

so lucy

Gina has always remarked how her mother reminded her of Lucy.  She's always doing stuff that Lucy Ricardo would do.

We just experienced one of her Lucy moments this morning.

Last night Gina returned from the hospital after getting news about her mom.  She said that mother might be out tomorrow, but a certain procedure had to be done first thing in the morning.  Gina asked me if I would please get Kelsey off to school and meet her at the hospital to be with her in the waiting room.

Gina was late getting away from the house, was going to miss Mrs. Hale off into surgery at 7:00.  I rushed as fast as I could from Southside to East Gadsden and made it at 7:30.  I got there before Gina so I decided to go ahead and put some clothing items of Mrs Hale's in her room instead of lugging them to the waiting room.  I also needed to ask someone at the nurses station what floor the procedure was taking place.  I went to the room first.

When I walked in, Mrs. Hale was still sound asleep and not in surgery.  I quietly left her clothes in the room and went back downstairs.  I met Gina on the first floor and told her that her mother was still in her room.  Gina was perplexed yet relieved at the same time. Gina wanted to see her mother before they took worked on her.  We went upstairs and Gina saw for herself.

Gina stepped in and saw her mother sleeping and quietly left the room.  We walked down the hall and found the attending nurse.  The nurse stated that Mrs. Hale's surgery delayed till one o'clock.  The nurse was talking kind of soft I couldn't make out all she was saying.  I thought I heard something about an Oreo.

Gina walked back to the room and looked at her mother again.  She then glanced around the room and came out laughing.  "What's wrong?" I asked.  Gina said, "I didn't understand what the nurse meant about Oreo...I thought 'Oreo' was some medical lingo.  No, there's a bag of Oreo's in her room.  My mother is Lucy!

She had been told by the doctor not to eat anything and she just couldn't resist an Oreo.  I asked Gina what she wanted me to do.  She told me that I could go home now, that she was sorry I went out of my way for nothing.  I told her that it was okay, this made my day.  I came home and told Katie the story.  Katie laughed and said, "That is so grandmother!"

That is so Lucy.
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