Tuesday, November 27, 2012

endless daze

Gina's working at Gadsden Regional.  Gina's now living there.  Gina's mom has been in the hospital for over a week now.  She's getting better, but needs company night and day.  I'm hoping that someone can take a night shift so my wife can come home sometime and have a good night's rest.  Her family misses her.  She did get some relief Friday night, slept late Saturday morning but had to get back to be with Mrs. Hale.

This morning I went to have breakfast with Gina at the hospital cafeteria and catch up a little.  Gina is really tired.  She said she'd get a couple hours sleep here and there, but it hasn't been very restful sleep.  We both have colds and have been plodding from day to day. Gina's has had long endless week since her mom fell ill.

Our sweet daughters Katie and Kelsey have been great.  I know they miss their mom, but they understand.  We all love grandmother, we all want her to get better.  We're hoping that Gina will be home tonight, to see her and let her sleep.  
 I hate to see her so tired.  Gina's a wonderful wife, wonderful mother, and wonderful daughter. 
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