Wednesday, October 31, 2012

not so long ago

Katie aka: Blossom - October 31, 2000
Gina and I used to have a Power Puff girl for a daughter.  I knew her as Katie, but she wanted to be called Blossom.  She called her mother Bubbles and she insisted that I be Buttercup.  Blossom was the self proclaimed leader of the Power Puff Girls.  During a weekend trip to Chattanooga, we came across a Blossom outfit.  Mother pulled it off the rack and bought it.  Katie was  delighted. No sooner had we gotten back into the van did she want to put it on.  She wore the outfit all the way back home.  I'd look back into the rear view mirror and behold Katie's bushy, curly hair pop out from all sides under that Blossom hair piece.  She wore it all the way home and kept it on most of the time for months afterward.  If she wasn't wearing the Bubbles outfit, she was donning the orange Bubble hair. 

Of course she wore the outfit Halloween night.  It was her chance to show the world that they had a super hero in their midst.  It's hard to believe she's already 16.  She's a brilliant young lady who's a wonderful big sister.  Now if I could only keep her from wearing that Thor helmet!
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