Sunday, July 8, 2012

am i interfering?

I was on the couch yesterday, well into a movie while occasionally filling in a crossword puzzle.  I woke up a about an hour before the rest of my family had and so I had been quietly entertaining myself.  I had heard a noise and saw my 9 year old daughter at the door.  She was holding a big bouncy ball.  I could only see the ball and not her face nor much of her torso.  She stood there quietly.  I looked back down at my puzzle.

I looked back down to fill in a word.   I soon felt something big and round and plastic at my head.  She had come over to where I lay.  I looked up and still only saw the ball instead of her face.  I said "Good morning".  She stood there for about a minute quietly as my eyes went back up toward the television.  She moved across the room and positioned herself and her big bouncy ball in between me and the set.

I asked her if she was wanting someone to play ball with her.  She said, "Am I interfering?"   I said "Not at all!"  Down went the puzzle and off went the television.  Mother joined us in the hallway as we rolled and threw the ball back and forth to one another.    We had a good time together yesterday morning.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

considering the lilies

Tomorrow is unclear.  The future seems so dark and foreboding from here. Big change in the next few months.  We know it.  Gina and I have talked a lot about the future without any sure direction.  We've got decisions to make and new courses to plot into vast uncertainty.  Change is always scary, but always certainly a part of life.  I admit that I am not all that brave about it.  I know that being fearful will only make matters worse.  I have learned that God is good and that He takes care of His children.  Gina and I will embrace the inevitable and lean on Him to help us make the right decisions - count on Him to establish the path we choose.  There are old doors to close and new doors to venture through.  In times of decisions, in times of change, often all we have is our faith in our Lord and His firm promise.

"Commit your works to the LORD And your plans will be established."
-Proverbs 16:3