Tuesday, June 19, 2012

borrowed time

We all live on borrowed time.  Only God knows when it's time for each of us to go.

I remember a moment.  I remember an exact moment that I should've died.  I came over a hill on a rainy morning as a youth.  I wasn't being cautious.  I was young.  I was driving too fast for conditions after I topped the hill.  There was a car stopped directly in front of me.  I had no other alternative but to slam on my brake on a wet road.  The brakes locked and all I could do was brace myself for immediate impact. My car didn't slow - but miraculously stopped anyway.  I clearly remember what it felt like for the world to be coming at me with no way out.  The road turned to glass.

There was the car in front of me.  I should've rear ended it.  No impact.  No one hurt.  The day passed with me in it.

I know that I've lived on borrowed time ever since that day back in '78.  I know God has had a reason for me living as long as I have. I know I will continue to live as long as He has use of me down here. He has a purpose for me (and you).  In spite of my foolishness, He has carried me through.  There have been miracles throughout my life, but God takes care of us, sustains us, and always gives us what we need.

I've had friends who  have gone on before.  Lived a shorter lifespan than I have.  I don't know why they died and I lived.  It's an old question and only God knows. 
I so appreciate His guidance and amazing grace.

We are all given a time to live and a time to die.  We just have to make the most of what we do have.  My life is far from perfect.  I am not a great achiever, but I do have a wealth beyond measure.  GOD LOVES ME!  I have a wife who loves me!  I have two wonderful daughters who love me!  I have not been the perfect son, husband and father, but I do have Love and Love has me.  The goodness of God and the love of family give great meaning and worth to living this life even in the most desperate of times.  Thank you Lord!  The Alpha and The Omega - The Beginning and The End.

i will live till I die
i will live and die in you
i will live and die for you

the meaning of life is to find you
the meaning of life is to know you
the meaning of life is to glorify you
with our fleeting days of borrowed time