Monday, April 16, 2012

time travel

Mother dropped by this morning and we ended up doing a little genealogy at  The web service is an excellent tool for digging up information.  There's a lot of genealogy information out there online these days.  There's a lot of distant cousins out there connecting and sharing family history info.

It's too easy to get lost for hours with genealogy...especially while at Ancestry. com.  Having census records, military muster, ship manifests etc so readily available makes going back in time easier than it ever has been.  Not everything is factual and true when comparing to other people's records, but at least one can compare notes.  I am just a time travel novice and this site has helped me go further than I ever thought I could.

Mother and I are going to try to get together more often and research. Though we've come a long way, I still have problems to solve, questions to answer and ancestors I've yet to meet.
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