Monday, April 16, 2012

time travel

Mother dropped by this morning and we ended up doing a little genealogy at  The web service is an excellent tool for digging up information.  There's a lot of genealogy information out there online these days.  There's a lot of distant cousins out there connecting and sharing family history info.

It's too easy to get lost for hours with genealogy...especially while at Ancestry. com.  Having census records, military muster, ship manifests etc so readily available makes going back in time easier than it ever has been.  Not everything is factual and true when comparing to other people's records, but at least one can compare notes.  I am just a time travel novice and this site has helped me go further than I ever thought I could.

Mother and I are going to try to get together more often and research. Though we've come a long way, I still have problems to solve, questions to answer and ancestors I've yet to meet.

Friday, April 13, 2012

tips for ozoning

I haven't been to the drive-in in ages.  My girls have been wanting to go.  I no longer have my van or a jam box.  I used to go a lot with my pal Jose' but life has gotten busy for all of us.  Ten years ago it used  to cost $5.00  for a carload.  It then it doubled to $10.00 and now admission is $15.00.  The prices have gone up, but still the drive-in is a good value.  Just think of it, $15.00 for everyone in your car...and as many as you can cram in your trunk.  That's a good price compared to what you have to pay to walk into cinema - double features at that!

When I go to the drive-in, I don't like sitting in the car.  It's all about front row tailgating with family and friends.  To do this you need to have a good jam box.  I've found that they don't make jam boxes like they used to.  I'm keeping my eye out for an old jam box that has good speakers.  I've found that a lot of MP3 players have an FM app.  These are good if you've got enough to go around.  I've used my studio headset and have enjoyed quality sound at the drive-in.  Still, it's better to have a good ghetto-blaster so that all in the immediate vicinity can be edified as well.

Folding chairs are a must when tailgating.  We often take a fold out table to keep the jambox off the ground and to keep food.  Having blankets on hand can be very handy, because any night during any season can get a little cool.

Most drive-in owners don't like outside food brought in, but I find that most drive-ins serve mediocre film inside.  We usually bring in a cooler with drinks and loads of snacks.  We often dine in at the drive-in.  Sand Mountain Drive-In in Boaz, AL serves up a pretty good hamburger. One thing to keep in mind if you're planning on buying food there.  Be prepared for a long line of hungry drive-in patrons in the food line.  If dining-in, arrive early so you won't have to stand in line during the first half of the first feature.  Yes, it can get that bad.
My wife doesn't like cigars, so I rarely smoke a cigar.  I've found that cigar smoke deters mosquitoes and their desire to suck my blood on those warm Summer nights.  If you don't smoke cigars (or with your wife who doesn't like cigar smoke) bring along some OFF! repellent.  We often take an insect repellant candle and that usually does the trick
Yes, I'm thinking about going to the drive-in real soon!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Mann up!

This weekend I found a DVD four movie pack of Jimmy Stewart Westerns for $5.00.  The movies include Night Passage, The Rare Breed, Bend in The River and The Far CountryBend in The River and The Far Country are movies produced by Anthony Mann.  Out of the eight movies Stewart made with Mann, five were Westerns.  The other Westerns The Naked Spur, Winchester '73, and The Man From Laramie. 

As John Ford is to John Wayne - Anthony Mann is to James Stewart.  It was Mann that first made Stewart a cowboy in Winchester '73 (Another movie that I picked up for $5.00 at Wal-Mart).  Though James Stewart was already a  big star prior to Mann, it was Mann that directed Jimmy westward after WWII.  Anthony Mann was an up and coming director and Stewart picked Mann to direct '73.  Mann gave us a disillusioned - more violent Stewart character.  Even so - Stewart was still a likable fellow - even at his meanest.

Here's a piece of trivia for you.  Jimmy wore the same cowboy hat and rode the same horse (Pie) in all of his Westerns.
  I've been keeping a lookout for Jimmy Stewart movies that were directed by both Anthony Mann and John Ford.  I'm also looking at completing my John Wayne collection directed by John Ford and Howard Hawks.  I've been on a Wayne and Stewart kick as of late.  If you see anything let me know.