Monday, March 26, 2012

Ahhhh Massage

ABBY Award: Small Market Commercial
“Aahhh Massage” WGAD-AM

My old friend Brian Freeman (AKA: Kramer Ontheradio) left a text message on my phone this weekend with the message that my Ahhh Massage spot won an ABBY AWARD for Small Market Commercial.  Small market indeed.  It was a big sounding message for a small market.  I wrote the script and did the Brit voice-work for the ad.  Brian produced the spot and it ran throughout the holiday season on WGAD-AM.  Brian and I produced several spots together, but this is the one that WGAD submitted to the Alabama Broadcasters Association.

I was tickled to hear that the commercial won because I knew it was going to be a strong one while working on the concept.  It really came together.  After all these years of working on campaigns for other businesses as Finlayson Concept & Design - I am having a blast creating marketing concepts for my own massage practice.  I have always enjoyed doing voices.  It's especially fun doing them for broadcast - and even better when doing them to promote my own practice. What's great, when I'm writing, is that I have only myself to answer to...well...uh....there's Gina of course.

Friday, March 16, 2012

the pacifist

 he did not believe in it
was like saying
he did not believe in cancer
or gangrene
he did not believe in it
but never the less
something must be done
by someone skilled
to handle blood
to cut through
to cut out
what is real
and painfully so
there was a war in heaven
and are wars on earth
and a war in my very being
i can not afford to say
i do not believe
the devil
won’t go away
so fathers lose their sons
as they always have
on beaches
or at sea
as God once did
send His only son
to war
to die
and alone
so he says he does not believe in war
even though his freedom is earned
by another mans spilt blood
for as long as man’s will is free
and these wills
outside of God's
they will collide
and at that moment
he will begin to see
it is better to believe
and do what must be done

David B. Finlayson