Monday, February 6, 2012

crazy wild weekend

Last week I was asked to help WGAD/WJBY compete in the Downtown Gadsden Chili Cook-off.  I don't have a recipe, but I can make a mean chili.  Not having a recipe meant having to guess at how much I needed to feed 100 people.  I ended up getting 30 pounds of beef.  We (Jay Holland, Donna Patterson & Myself) didn't hand out little tasting cups.  We handed out bowls of chili!  We made so much that we had to purchase a boat oar to stir it.  We didn't run out like a lot of the other folks, we never reached the bottom.  We didn't win, but it was some fine chili.

I got home Saturday in time for Jon Guthrey to come over to my house to work on worship set for Sunday morning.  It was the first time I ever played with Jon and I had been looking forward to Saturday night so I could get to know him and jam some.  Good times!

Sunday I rolled out of bed and got down to the Gadsden Vineyard by 9:00.  The worship band consisted of Jon Guthrey (lead guitar), LeNola Bagley (bass), Liz Wood (Hammond), and Tim Rolfe (drums).  Richard Moon manned the board.  We had a blast - having a nice wall of sound going.  I love it when God shows up.
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