Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cain in Talledega

I heard it through the grape vine that Herman Cain was in Alabama and that one of his stops was Talladega, AL this past Friday - October 29.  My brother in-law Robby Elrod joined me for the trip.

We headed out early to make sure we'd find a park.  We located The Ritz theater and then soon found a place to park the car behind the old train station.  Robby and I walked around town.  It didn't take that long because downtown Talladega is a small place.  We ended up at an Arby's to stay warm until the event.  Herman Cain was supposed to speak outdoors in front of The Ritz, but the sky was already looking overcast.  Robby and I made our way over to the theater about 30 minutes early and the place was already filling up.

When Cain came out, he didn't disappoint me one iota.  I'm not completely sold on his 9-9-9 plan.  I'd rather he push a flat tax.  He's 100% right about doing away with our current tax system.  Other than 9-9-9, Cain is the candidate that is moving in the right direction.  LIMITED GOVERNMENT!

Herman Cain sounds a lot like Ronald Reagan.  I believe it he becomes president, that people will be referencing Cain decades from now as they do Reagan today.

He just doesn't sound like a politician.  I find that down right refreshing.  I'm sick and tired of politicians.  Herman Cain sounded more like the old camp meeting preachers that I knew and heard growing up.  Unlike Obama who wants us to believe on him, and in big government - Cain pushes the message of believing in God and in ourselves (the individual) and in our country (in that order).

I like it that he didn't sound like another politician.  Herman Cain is a business man who has a history of being able to turn failing businesses into profitable ones.  This is something we lack today, men in leadership who have actually run businesses.  We have so called representatives who are career politicians who don't the first thing about business.  Our economy is on the skids, and we don't need anymore freaking politicians telling us that we have to spend our way out of our debt.  Idiocy! 
The folks in Washington are going to have to live within a budget.  I like it that Cain is a business man.  He's not the kind of guy that's going to kick the can down the road.

Cain spoke on all the issues that concerned me, abortion, illegal immigration, Obamacare, entitlement spending, foreign policy and the economy.  Cain spoke about all the crisis's, but at the top of this list, he said we are experiencing a moral crisis.
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