Wednesday, June 9, 2010


 I came to work today minus the scrubs.  The office yard was getting out of hand after all the rain last week.  I still need to do some weed eating, but my weed eater is broken.  Earlier I ran over a pipe amidst the weeds with my push mower.  Either the shaft is bent, or the blade was knocked out of socket.  Hopefully it's just the blade.  I can fix that.

I don't have any massage clients today.  At least it was nice to finally get the grass cut.  Gina asked me if I would take the girls and leave work early.  She wants them to swim.  She doesn't have to twist my arm.

We just posted a new kiosk Ad that can be seen at 17 locations throughout Etowah Country during the Summer months.  We're still doing what we can to get the word out.

Some good news.  I just ordered hot stones and a nice big professional warmer for the stones.  We've had three requests recently and it won't be long.  Hot stone therapy really feels great. I'll let you know when the rocks are hot.
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