Monday, June 21, 2010

speaking of last legs

The days have been busy.  I hurt my foot mid-week last week and had to deal with it until I could get off of my feet.  My feet must feel like Steven Tyler's face.   I'd take pain killer each night just so I could sleep.  Each night's sleep seemed to ease the pain a little.Saturday offered little time to rest.

I went home Sunday afternoon after leading worship at Vineyard (with Brook, Jamie Jones, & Tim Rolf) and a brief Father's Day lunch with my Gina and my daughters.  I was so exhausted from the previous week that I crashed the rest of the day Sunday.  I hit the couch downstairs and stayed where I landed until midnight.  I still have the wound, but I can now walk without feeling like I'm walking on a nail.

I found out Saturday that we've got to get another mode of transportation.  Gina's had her old Grand Caravan for a dozen years now.  The air conditioner died last Summer.  It slung a rod a few months ago.  The van is making a lot of noise, ( I call it 'the death rattle') but it's getting her around.  The van has served us well.  We need to start looking for a new-used car for her - and fast.
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