Saturday, June 26, 2010


Todd Bagley and Chris Wood are two men who know how to barbecue.
Have you ever been served something that is called barbecue that wasn't barbecue?  My wife occasionally serves chicken breast that she bakes in the oven that's cooked in barbecue sauce.  She calls it barbecue chicken.  Well, it's not barbecue.  Chicken that has been marinated or cooked in barbecue sauce does not make a barbecue.

Gina isn't the only culprit.  I've had countless faux-que's served to me.  I can't blame Gina, because people have been calling 'grilling' -  'barbecue' for a very long time.  Ever been invited to a BBQ where the meat is hamburger and hot dogs?  Now I really enjoy a tasty hamburger and hot dog - but that ain't barbecuing...that's grilling.

BBQ involves spice rubs and slow cooking with smoke baby.

I had a gentleman in my office the other day who was sharing some of his BBQing tips with me.  He had this way in which he started his charcoal.  He was against using any lighter fluid, but painstakingly with newspaper.   He insisted that nothing should flavor the meat but the smoke.  Sorry Hank, but propane is out of the question.  My friend soaked mesquite in water to cause plenty of smoke for the meat.  Prepping the meat - applying the rub is what sets barbecues apart.

Needless to say, I left work Friday thinking of some real BBQ.  I am still thinking about it.
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