Friday, May 28, 2010

suicidal princess

My youngest daughter Kelsey has officially finished first grade at Southside Elementary.  Yesterday I accompanied her on a field trip to Noccalula Falls Park.  Kelsey's teacher, Mrs. Jill Stewart, said that I could sign Kelsey out and go where we wanted to go.  Kelsey and I walked down to see the falls before we went into the park entrance (the pay side).  As we walked down the sidewalk behind the Kiwanas Pavilion, I told her about the Princess Noccalula statue.  She told me that she had never seen it before.  The walk there was just long enough to tell her about Princess Noccalula's successful suicide attempt.

Every time I see the statue, I think of the first time I ever saw it.  The plaque at the base of the depressed Indian princess said the statue was erected in September of 1969.

I remember where I was that day.  I remember that day.  I was looking out my classroom window at R.A. Mitchell Elementary.  Beyond the playground and beyond Noccalula Nic-Nak, I saw a huge crane and workmen lifting and positioning the leaping lady statue into place.  All my fellow classmates were all lined up at the windows looking out at the spectacular event going on in the distance.

Wow, that was a long time ago.
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