Sunday, May 30, 2010

the subject is BBQ

Yesterday my mother and sister Cindy asked if I'd join them for a Barbecue at Uncle Sam's.  While sitting in the restaurant I couldn't help but think of dad.  I almost always eat my BBQ sandwiches with slaw on them.  I am not a big fan of cole slaw, but I will eat it atop smoked dead pig.  It's the way dad got me eating it.

I thought it grotesque looking when I was a kid.  After decades of seeing my dad eat it that way, somewhere along the way I tried it.  It's been a favorite ever since.  I believe dad's favorite BBQ was prepared in Chattanooga at a place called Sportsman BBQ.  Mother tells of a time when they ate Sportman's barbecue three times in a single day.  That's right - for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

A great thing about eating at the Sportsman on Brainard was that it was adjacent to a Baskin-Robbin's Ice Cream.  My mother loves ice cream and we'd ALWAYS follow a BBQ with one of the 31 flavors.  That Sportsman location is no longer there, but there is one at the foot of Signal Mountain.  I'll make sure I eat there next time I'm out that way.
This is what dad always ordered at a barbecue joint: 
One barbecue sandwich, meat sliced, with slaw
One 6 oz., bottled coke
One pint of milk  (Mother once told me that the milk was medicinal)
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