Saturday, March 27, 2010

downtown today

Gina woke me up this morning.  She said that she was taking Kelsey and the only car not in the shop to Chuck E. Cheese's.  I asked her to please drop me and Katie off at the office at the office so we wouldn't be stranded at the house.  Around noon the two of us decided to stroll downtown for lunch together.  We decided to have lunch at the place that used to be the old White Palace Cafe'.   I had noticed last week that someone had opened a restaurant in there again. We had a great little walk to and from the place, but the food we ordered was a disappointment.  

It was kind of funny that the tomato slices on both sandwiches were the size of a silver dollar.  Katie took only one bite from her sandwich and decided to eat the fries.  My sandwich tasted like a burger that had been reheated in a microwave.  They didn't have two items that I tried to order and the meat on my burger had been nuked.  Restaurant business is a tough business.  Service and quality are a must.  I paid the folks and left.  I'm not going back while under the new management.  The business won't be around long because, quite frankly, their food sucks.

I would like to see someone get in that old building and actually make it.  It's a great atmosphere that easily transports the mind back in time.  I remember my last visit to the original White Palace, shortly before it closed.  My dear old friend Doug Moore and I went in there for lunch and a long conversation back in the eighties.  I don't remember the year, but it was just before he left town for seminary.  Walking into the White Palace was always like into a time machine.  Every time I've walked into that old building (when opened) I always hope that someone's there running it with the right idea.

Katie and I did have a nice conversation while there.  I always enjoy being in the old place.  I told Katie about coming to the White Palace with my uncle Murdoch back in the 60's.  Murdoch would often ride the bus from Columbia to Gadsden to visit his brother Westbrook.  During his visits, he would often take a city bus downtown and walk around.  He'd always stop for a cup of coffee.  He invited me to go with him on several of his walks downtown.

I really wish someone would take that old building and make a real restaurant out of it.

On a positive note, the Downtown Gadsden Inc, just renovated the Runt's Place' and I look forward to checking it out sometime.  No, it's not a restaurant, but nice to see a community appreciating and treating a classic piece of architecture like it should be treated.

Other than a lousy lunch, Katie and I had a great father-daughter stroll around town together.  Katie, since she was a little thing, has always loved walks downtown.  She's thirteen and a young lady.  I hope she never gets tired of our strolls, and listening to her old man ramble.

By the way, there are some great eats downtown.  Jefferson's has incredible wings.  The Courtyard has incredible plate lunches, the best in town.  The Gadsden Variety Store (formerly Nelson's) has great sandwiches.  I'm sorry they no longer serve reuben sandwiches.  It was bad news that we lost The Choice.  They had great plate lunches and one of the best burgers in town.  Both of my girls enjoy it when I treat them to a hot-dog from Connie's Coneys. Is there any good food downtown that I have failed to mentioned or have have yet to taste?
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