Wednesday, February 24, 2010

living in limbo

I feel as if I've been living in limbo since I got out of school last Summer.  I passed the national exam last November.  This Friday morning the Alabama Board of Massage Therapy will be meeting in Montgomery to approve license applications.  I don't foresee any problem getting approved.  I've jumped through all the hoops (that I know of).

It's been a strange experience for me.  I am ready to get on with my practice - get on with life.

I spent some money Monday.  I got online and bought a massage table and a massage chair, along with some necessary accessories. There are a couple of other things that I will need - but the big stuff is on it's way.   I'm pretty sure I got a good table.  There's a lot to choose from when picking out a good massage table - a lot of stuff to consider.  It's one of those decisions that you have to make, hoping that you're not overlooking something.  I guess I would have to compare it to a first time guitar purchase.  I spent a long time researching tables and I'm pretty sure that I made the right purchase.  No matter what - I'm stuck with it for a long while.

I bought the best massage chair out there - no question.  Oakworks makes a Portal Pro model in which I was basing my research.  After looking everywhere I knew to look, I decided to spend the money on the best one out there.

Hopefully by the end of the week I will be a licensed massaged therapist.
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