Tuesday, February 9, 2010

it is good

I once had this silly notion that I might one day grow up, grow out, or away from songwriting...that I might lose the ability or the inspiration.  Not true.  I've found that I enjoy creating lyric and rhythm more than I ever have before in my life.  I enjoy sharing/performing songs just as much as I enjoy creating them.  I've written a lot of decent songs down through the years, but the ones I've written in the past five, I believe, surpass almost everything I've ever written in preceding years.  I am not writing this to boast, but rather reflecting on a fallacy I once believed.  I am so glad that I was wrong about it all.  Art is an eternal thing.

Like any natural gift/talent, we need to use them and hone what we are given.  I hope to be writing and singing until I am an old man.  Over three decades ago, a very young me had a desire to create songs.  I beat the crap out of my old acoustic until there was rhythm.  I pieced simple little ditty's together - hoping to breath life into words.  It was a passion from my start.  It took years to get any good at it.

i sing to friends and strangers
i sing to my children and wife
i sing to myself
alone or in crowds
i sing for and to and about my God

God is The Creator.  We are made in His image, and like my Heavenly Father,  find great satisfaction in creating something out of nothing.  I know I am just a speck, but feel a real connection to my Creator when I create.  I know He planted that passion and joy in me when He made me.  

I had a discussion with my old friend Allan Rhodes many years ago.  He said something that made me look at God and the hereafter in a different light.  Allan had this thought that we were made to do what we were made to do here on Earth, but in Heaven as well. That it only made sense that our gifts, talents, crafts would be employed after we finish our job here.  Occupations in Heaven?   That seed, that desire, that gifting God gives each of us is for an eternal purpose.  I believe I will be composing long after my flesh has decomposed.

I just added a new song to add to my quiver, one that might just reach a heart or two.  It's eternal stuff we are doing here on Earth.  A mere song might seem insignificant, but music is a spiritual thing and often pierces deep.  I look forward to singing this song for years, decades, and an eternity follow.
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