Friday, February 5, 2010

end of weekdays

Kelsey, my seven year old, had a bad virus through out much of the week.  She came home from school last Friday not feeling well.  By Saturday her virus was in full swing.  She could not keep anything down for four days.  I don t know how she managed it, but she did.

She missed a half of a week of school this week.  I didn t got to work much of the week, so as to tend to the little one.  She is doing better now.  Both girls are staying with Granddaddy and Mary this tonight.  Gina has some kind of bug.   I told her to go home early today and she jumped at the offer.  She picked up the girls from school and went straight to bed.

My week had two highlights.  Starting this Tuesday night, many of the worship leaders of Vineyard are starting to get together for a special kind of kinship.  We are going to be getting together weekly, for songwriter workshops and sessions to enhance our guitar skills.  The first meeting was great, and I look forward to improving my skills.  The first meeting we all shared songs and songs bits.  There was a lot of great input.

Thursday night I lead worship at the Grace recovery meeting.  I love leading worship at Grace.  Sometimes I go with just my guitar and harmonicas, sometimes I invite a band.  Last night my niece Liz, brother Brooky, and Jimmy Henderson joined me.  LeNola was sick and I could not secure a bass player in time.  Brooky decided to bring his bass and play.  Even though we lacked some lead work, the evening had a cool vib.  I never know where God wants to go, or what kind of seed is being planted, but something is going on.  I love Grace.

By the way, I just got back from Walmart.  The first season of The Unit is there for 15.00.  They have a new $4.00 bin there where I ran across the movie Evan Almighty.  I thought Evan Almighty is a better comedy than Bruce Almighty (in the 5.00 bin).
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