Tuesday, December 22, 2009

a little under the merry weather

I fell down a flight of steps the week before Thanksgiving. I'm pretty sure I broke my tailbone. It took two and a half weeks to get over the pain. Last week while working on the house I started feeling a pain in my mid to low back. I spent most of the past five days on my back.

Monday morning I went in to see the chiropractor. I got some relief but was still hurting throughout the day. I went back to the back doctor and she worked me over like a Waring Blender - Lord have mercy on me Ohhhhh!

I have progressively begun to feel better throughout today. I've been able to do a handful of chores here at the office today. My chiropractor told me to take it easy for the next few days. I still have work (as in 'lifting stuff') to do before Christmas Eve. The doctor gave me permission to 'milk' it for a couple more days.

The house is still a mess.

Tonight Gina and the girls are going to try to finish the cleaning and arranging that I started last week. There's some lifting that I wish that I could perform. I think I can figure the basement arrangement out with some minor shifting and less moving furniture out. We'll see. Kind of helpless at the moment.

I feel almost as if the holiday seasons have worn me out too soon.  Oh my!

Mother and Irene came over this weekend to treat the girls to an early Christmas present. They took some time to lay hands on me and pray over my back. I felt my little one's hands on me as well.

It's great that both Katie and Kelsey jump into prayer mode too. I believe they are going to be spiritual warriors in years to come. I desire for my children to have let the supernatural become a natural way for them both. I want them to be walking in faith, long before they set out on their own.
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