Tuesday, December 22, 2009

little santa

she stands a little over two feet
and a little over two years
katie looked up
in her childish awe
at the great looming twinkling tree
i sat at it’s base with her
looking at her
as she looked up
as if it were some kind of national monument
that had miraculously appeared
in our very home sometime during the night
she spotted little santas
mickey mouse
teddy bears
and she lit up
like a little tree herself
and giggling
as she stood there
oh my
oh look
what’s that?

this Christmas
promises many memories
for her
and mommy
and myself
tomorrow she will sit on santa’s lap
and tell him what she wants
she will ride on the carousel
and hold my hand
or run ahead
to see the lights burning
every where
every moment is Christmas
as I drive the van homeward at night
i hear her in the back
as she spots every light
on every house
that passes in the night
we’ll drive home slowly
and watch her
as she watches
the celebration
the brilliance
of Christmas time

she wants a red wagon
filled with grape lollipops
and sweet tarts
she wants to see lights
and more lights
and lights and laugh with glee

she brings Christmas to us anew
live it again
with her
as she experiences it
through her eyes
her gift
to us

David B. Finlayson
December 15, 1998

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