Wednesday, December 30, 2009

holy roller

This picture brings back some memories. Dad had built that little pulpit and lectern.  He left it at Camp Bethlehem after he built a more portable, light weight folding pulpit that he could carry along with him for all his speaking engagements.  Dad also had this little briefcase PA (public address system) in which he'd plug his lavalier microphone.

As a lay-minister, he spoke at a lot of little churches in surrounding counties. I was asked to go with him to help set up his gear as well as push him around.  I remember being able to get his pulpit, wheelchair, and speaker in the back of the old Subaru station wagon.

Mom once mentioned to me that she believed dad would have enjoyed being a holiness preacher/evangelist rather than being an attorney.  Heck, all his close friends were not lawyers, but rather preachers and evangelist.  Much of dad's spare time was in study - prepping a lesson for a preaching date or a regular Bible study.

I spent countless Sunday mornings driving to and from little country churches as his right hand man.   Dad had lots of talks/sermons on file that he could go speak at the drop of a hat.  Dad was quite literally the preacher on wheels - ready to roll when ever a preacher  needed off.

Yep, lots of memories flood back via this old photo.
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