Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pearl Harbor

Months before 9/ll, the movie Pearl Harbor was released. I saw it at that time and was a little disappointed with it. I ran across of DVD of it recently and watched it again. I was still unimpressed.

The attack and the effects were breathtaking, yet fictitious characters, the love story took up most of the movie. I pulled the above image together because Pearl Harbor reminded me of the movie Titanic. In Pearl Harbor, they should have just as well have had hired on Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet for love interest part. Instead of the Titanic, they could have embraced each other on the bow of the Arizona.

Is it just me, or is Ben Affleck in every movie that was made?

I don't mind having fictitious characters in a movie - but there is enough of a real story to tell when it comes to Pearl Harbor. The love story, the idiocy of having the two old friends fighting over the same girl, just lacked imagination.

Directors I guess must have felt that they had to chic-a-fy the bombing of Pearl Harbor in order to get women into the theaters.

Hollywood usually does a great job at screwing up the depiction of a real event that had an abundance of real heroes. It wasn't Rafe and Danny that made their way to their planes to shoot down the attacking Japanese aircraft on December 7. In real life, it was two guys by the name of Kenneth Taylor and George Welch. Having two fictitious characters manning those planes is a disservice to those two very real gallant men.

At least that's the way I feel about it.

I feel the same way about the movie Titanic. This movie was a blockbuster hit, but I don't see it as memorable. The love story was okay, but it consumed most of the film. There was so much more to tell about the sinking of that ship. There were real people on that boat - and the fictitious characters overshadowed the real people, out-shined real heroes in that story. Both the movies Pearl Harbor and Titanic the same flaw. The special effects and details were incredible, but the real people who died in or survived those tragic events were only given supporting parts in these Hollywood productions. Both movies are worth watching once, but not worth revisiting.
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