Monday, November 30, 2009

jump starting Christmas

As most of my family can tell you, I am not a big fan of trimming the tree. I can't stand it actually. I do put on a good show for the little ones. Gina asked me a few weeks ago what would it take to have a nice Christmas this year. I said, "let's forget the tree". I also mentioned how I would love to leave town and go to Bowling Green, KY for Christmas. I know that won't happen for sure. I don't think Gina and the girls would care for spending Christmas in a Holiday Inn Express.

So yesterday we assembled the tree. It's a nice looking tree. Now that it's up, I look at it and dread having to put it away come January. I can't explain why I feel that way about it. Gina, Kelsey, and Katie went upstairs and made some hot chocolate and cookies. Kelsey had a blast.

After the girls went to bed, Gina and I stayed downstairs and watched Christmas in Connecticut (1945). I don't recall ever seeing it before. We picked it up in the five dollar bin at WalMart a few days ago. It is a pleasant romp of a movie. I am not a big Barbara Stanwyck fan, but I've always enjoyed Dennis Morgan. I especially liked Dennis Morgan whenever he teamed up with Jack Carson.

This is a pretty good movie. Gina seemed a little hesitant about me spending the money on this movie, but she ended up really liking it. To my pleasant surprise, there is also two reel 1946 Academy Award winning short subject that's also part of the DVD's special features called 'A Star In The Night'. This little Christmas drama was Don Siegel's debut film. It's well worth watching.

After Gina went on to bed, I watched Robert Rodriguez's 'Planet Terror' by the warm Christmas tree light. Nothing says Merry Christmas like killing zombies.
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