Monday, October 5, 2009

high church on a shoe string

I drove down to Helena, AL to lead worship at Coventry Anglican Church yesterday. Katie wanted to go with me, so I woke her up before the sun rose. We had a wonderful day together. The Coventry Church moved from Alabaster to Helena about six months ago. Though this wasn't my first time I've lead worship for the fellowship - it was the first time at their new location.

Katie and I got there very early. I allowed myself extra time so I could find the place. I drove straight to it and so we had plenty of time to walk around town. There's not much to Helena - which I think is part of it's charm. Very few people were out when we got there, so Katie and I walked up and down the small sidewalks and talked about this and that.

After our walk, Katie and I settled under the eaves of the storefront church and I tuned my guitar and went through some of the worship songs. It was a very pleasant experience to worship a little before the doors were unlocked. The service went well. It's a very small close-knit fellowship. Their new location suits them well. It seems to me that it's a great little area for a church to grow. There are lots of subdivisions around, with plenty of through traffic.

Father Russell says that they do have visitors, but not everyone can seize hold of the Anglican way of worship. It's a little different for me too. Nevertheless, I appreciate the pursuit of their worshiping God in a sincere and time honored tradition. It's wonderful to experience the lithology - traditional Christian worship from a people that are not exercising religious habit - but true worship. Sunday's service, as with the other services I've experienced with them, is very refreshing and meaningful.

At present I am Vineyard. I was raised in the United Methodist Church. I've spent much of my youth in an interdenominational coffeehouse ministry. Through out my life I have come to know many brothers and sisters from all denominations - all appendages of The Body of Christ. I never understood the division. Usually the theology differences are very minor. All have their calling and purpose - their own way of serving and worshiping God.

I always found it humorous when the thumb boasts of having more than the big toe (or the other way around). All members of the body bring something to the table. Again, I appreciate the richness of what is Anglican worship. I believe that God enjoys all the passion expressed from The Body as a whole.
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