Tuesday, September 29, 2009

waffle and a coffee

I remember on my birthday, my dad took me to the Huddle House for a waffle. I remember it happening at least twice as a kid. I'd be kept out of school for a few hours, long enough to drive down with dad and have breakfast together. Dad used crutches more at that time, and I remember opening the doors for him so he could make his way inside. We'd sit together I'd order my waffles and he'd listen to me talk about this and that. I also remember sharing a lot of meals with my father at the Murphee's lunch counter down at Agricola Shopping Center. I always enjoyed those moments.

Katie is like that.

If ever I want to treat my oldest daughter, I simply take her to the neighborhood Waffle House and have a meal with her. I'll let her order what she wants and sit back and listen to her talk about her life and times. We usually sit sipping coffee talking about God. Katie's very much into all subjects relating to God. She is really an excellent conversationalist. Having a father daughter breakfast together is a real treat for her. I am glad because it is for me as well.

It reminds me of times I used to have with my dad.

Gina doesn't really care for the Waffle House. It's not that she doesn't like the food, but because of the cigarette smoke that usually always in the air. If I am to go to the Waffle House, it is either alone, with a friend, or with one or both of my children.

I hope that Katie doesn't change in this regard. I hope that she will always enjoy talking with her dad over coffee and a waffle.
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