Wednesday, August 19, 2009

stir crazy

My mind has been on a road trip these past few months. Everybody has taken off on vacations and I've been nailed to the school, home, and office. I'd like to get out. I'd like to play again. Gina suggested a few months back that I hit the road on a mini-tour after I get out of school. Maybe I could bring back some money to help pay for those hospital bills that keep coming in the mail. I don't see a mini-tour happening until I get the national exam behind me (for massage certification).

I had this wild idea when I do get my certification. I'd like to go places and sing and take my massage least a massage chair with me. Massage is not only healthful and relaxing - but to me - it's a form of laying on of hands. I'd like to incorporate that somehow into my future road trip ventures. Massage during the day, gigs at night. Maybe soon - maybe in the distant future. This is a seed of thought that I'll pray about and see if that seed is meant to grow or not. Who know.

Either way, I'd like to play again. First things first. I need to get the exam behind me. In the meantime, I'd like to finish my 'Picks' - a compilation CD of mostly live recordings. Brook and I once took a week long trip (about 12 years ago) down in the pan handle of Florida and New Orleans. We had a great venture together and I'd enjoy doing that again. I really don't know if I'll fly solo or bring along a friend. It would probably be easier to just go it alone - but company and a road companion is always fun. Who knows - maybe Brook can finish his CD and we could go share the stage.

I've always have enjoyed the small venues - the coffee shops - the backyard concerts - street concerts - and small church gatherings. These kind of venues do not pay much, but I enjoy the intimacy. I know this comes from growing up part of a coffeehouse ministry during much of my youth.

I do miss the early years of my marriage when Gina and I could hit the road together. Not having my companion with me took a lot of fun from the venture. We used to have the freedom to go on the mini-tours together after the release of 'Stand'. We just can't travel like we used to do.

Anyway - I've got things to do first. I am thinking of the road - thinking of places I'd like to sing - people I'd like to see again. Companion or not - I'm looking forward to playing again.
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