Thursday, August 13, 2009

it's over man

The last year has been a wild and busy ride. I've been in school while dealing with various health issues. I really began to feel my age once classes began. It would have been nice to have done this earlier in my life and pre-diabetes. If I forgot a med for high blood pressure or blood sugar - or strayed too far from proper diet - I wouldn't get very far. Who would have thought that schooling would be so stressful.

I enjoyed the classes and the instructors were caring and good folk. They take pride in their work - determined that we learn what it takes to not earn the title - but to become good therapists.

Every week for me was a marathon of learning about the workings of the anatomy - muscles and massage modalities. We were tested and validated every step of the way.

I didn't want to spread the program out anymore than I had to so I signed on for 11 credit hours at the beginning of the Summer. I knew I filling my plate to the max. Tuesday night was the final hurtle. I felt like I tumbled through the last few weeks. I looked at my final grade point average - 4.0 (total quality points = 44.).

I could not have made it without Gina. She took the load at the office so I could stay home many days and study. She really got behind in her work because I wasn't there to help out. Gina also took care of things on the home front. She took care of the bills and kept the kids fed, clean, entertained and put to bed. She wanted to help me with my studies but she had more on her plate than I had on mine.

Well - it's over. The next step is studying for the big one. The test that allows me to hang a massage shingle in front of the clinic. I plan on jumping into continuing education for lymphedema after I pass the board. First things first.

It's a strange feeling to walk away from this experience. I've been spending most week nights in class rooms and labs. I got to know a lot of young classmates that have become friends. People that were down with the same struggle. I spent hours upon hours with teachers who I also became friends. It is a strange feeling to not see them all daily. A season of my life has passed - such is life. It's time to press on.

Monday I will be joining the handful of classmates that have finished the program. We are going to have a last supper of sorts with some of the instructors. I think we are going to get our certificates as well - maybe pinned. Maybe Monday will offer a little closure. The program was hard and fast. I feel guilty for no reason - for not studying for another test or feel guilty for not being somewhere that I am no longer required to be. Am I making sense? It's over man - it's over!
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