Monday, August 10, 2009

closer to the end

We got the kids off to school this morning. Katie is starting 8th grade and Kelsey excited to be starting 1st. Summer was fast and hard. The kids spent most of their Summer days at the office. There were a handful of days where they were home - but they seemed to enjoy the office over home. We cut off the satellite dish at the first of Summer in the attempt to get on top of bills. Gina purchased season tickets to Alabama Adventure and the three of them enjoyed some adventures together while I was in massage clinic. It wasn't an eventful time for them - but they did get some exciting moments with mom.

I feel kind of strange. School is starting for everyone and I am wrapping it up at Gadsden State. There isn't much for me to do tonight other than just show up. I did my hands own final last week and will be sitting around for six hours while the students who didn't get theirs in last week do theirs this week. The instructor said that she will give us a study guide for tomorrow nights written final. Tomorrow night is my last night of school. I am in a strange mood. I've been in that environment for a year now, and it will be strange not spending most of my evenings there.

Don't get me wrong. I have anticipated this moment for quite some time now. I am very weary. The biggest hurtle is passing the National Exam. That's the next challenge. I have really felt my age this past year. The stress of constantly studying for tests, long days and nights, really put me through the ringer. I seriously don't think that I could have lived through the program if it were a two year endeavor. Not only am I 50 years old, but I've got diabetes and high blood pressure. Physically, I feel as if I am just stumbling over the finish line.

Boy, I remember those first massage clinics that I had to build up the stamina to give six massages in a day. Saturdays we were required to do six - Thursdays four. Thursdays were always the roughest because there were fewer breaks in between massages. Last Thursday was my last clinic. I only had one massage that night. I had already fulfilled the 45 massage requirement for the semester. The last two Clinicals were a piece of cake. We didn't call to confirm appointments for those who had their hours - and took only those that showed up. I was relieved because physically - I was sucking wind. I did enjoy giving that massage that evening. I can't explain it. Quietly laying on of hands, focusing on the client's needs, and a little banter and laughter here and there.

I'm not out of the woods yet - but it won't be long now. I didn't do a darn thing this weekend. Gina let me crash downstairs Saturday an Sunday. I needed it. Tonight and tomorrow night - the beginning of the end - the end of the beginning.
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