Friday, July 24, 2009

there is a God, there is a Gina

I guess most people went through it - looking for a love - and hoping that love finds them. I never want to take my love for granted. I remember a time when I was a young adult - wondering if I would ever find someone that would love me as much as I loved. I didn't date around much. There weren't that many young women in my life - very few really appealed to me. The handful of women that I did date - we became great friends and I was heartbroken when each relationship ended. After the heartache subsided, I was always left to wonder if there was someone out there for me. I've always known that I am a strange fellow - a fun date - but who would want to be around me for the rest of their life? When I did date someone, I wasn't dating for dating sake, but looking for Mrs. Right.

Looking back I realized that God had led me to Gina. Many years ago I realized that God had certain young women come into my life that helped me to recognize the love of my life when it was her time to walk into it. Am I making sense? From each relationship that I experienced, I saw qualities in that particular girl friend that I admired. Again, I didn't date for dating sake. There was always something that attracted me to that particular individual. There was a beauty that lured me to each of them. One loved to laugh and enjoyed being silly for silly sake. One was independent and brave. One was all about God and serving Him. As each relationship came and went, God was showing me the traits of the woman that was to become my future spouse. Can one woman be all that?

Gina, I never want to take you for granted. I never want to take your love for granted. I have now known you half of my life and I often forget about the heartbreaks and years of loneliness I experienced before you came into my life. You are everything I ever desired in a woman - and you have shown me so much more. You are living proof that there is a God, and that that God loves me.
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