Tuesday, July 21, 2009

off the meter

People on the left these days prefer the name 'Progressives'. Oh the irony. The more apt title of 'liberal' might fade - but they will eventually soil any new moniker they give themselves. If liberals insist on the term progressives - let's tweak them a little and call Neo-progressives. They are what they always have been regardless of the name - never changing their methods and ways. The names have been changed to protect their guilt.

A socialist by any other name...

Socialist always point to the worst examples of capitalism and say, "See, we don't need to trust big oil - they are evil!" Look over there, look at the health care industry - they are dishonest and evil. They'll take on business', bankers, 'big' this and 'big' that and say we don't need to trust those capitalist - we need to trust 'BIG' government instead! Pointing out the few exceptions should give us all the reason to take capitalism down. Let's do away with big evil this and big evil that! Yesterday it was Wall Street, today it's the health industry. We need to put it into the hands of BIG government. That will solve all our woes. They are the ones in whom we can truly trust!


I was talking to a fellow yesterday who said rich people should be forced to sell off most of what they have because they didn't need all that surplus anyway. "If someone has three cars, let them make due with two. If some one has two homes, let them make due with one." They probably didn't get their money honestly in the first place. They don't deserve it and need it.!" I've heard it all countless times before.

The nerve.

So government is to become some kind of great social equalizer - taking away the fruits of a man's toil in order to "spread the wealth" as Obama clearly put it to the plumber. Yet another irony. There is no such thing as spreading wealth. One earns it. There IS though such a thing as spreading misery. I've had many like conversations with liberals that believe wealth should be taken from those who "don't need all that wealth" and distributed to those who are in need. They like to use the term 'greed' - but let me counter with the term 'covetousness'. Wanting and taking something that is clearly not yours. To take someones wealth is not only theft, but a sin. To covet and act upon it is an EVIL.
If you want what the next person has - EARN IT! It's none of your business what your neighbor makes!

I don't care how rich a man may become. If he earns it - he should keep it without the fear of his government coming along and confiscating it. You take away a mans incentive, and you take away his initiative to produce. Why toil if the rewards are the same as if you didn't? You give to a man that doesn't earn his way, and he will never step up to meet the challenge of life.

More irony? I don't know of any poor people that are hiring these days. You see, we need people who know how to make money - know how to invest, - know how to grow wealth with the talents they've been given and the skills they've honed - to grow this economy - to generate JOBS! We need these so called evil capitalist to bring America back from the brink. Yet our BIG government is bent on taxing business' to death - breaking the back of the businesses who are struggling to survive.

Governments don't generate wealth - governments TAX! Businesses like Gina's and my business that are trying to grow - and yet cannot prosper because over-taxation is constantly robbing our capital. The irony is if businesses don't prosper - neither will government. What's going on today isn't just irony but idiocy. Well, there might be some evil big capitalist out there - but none more evil or as dangerous as that of BIG government.
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