Tuesday, July 7, 2009

life goes on

Vacation? What's a vacation? Everybody seems to be escaping life for a week or two. It happens about this time of year. At least it does to most folks that I know. They are coming back with broad smiles, brightened by there darkened skin. They all do look rested.

I don't remember the last vacation we ever took. I know that it was before we opened up the clinic five years ago. Running a business and paying taxes is a continual drain on our overhead and ability to save up for anything these days. We could use a great escape.

Gina's at the office and I'm at the office or at school. Five more weeks to go before I am through with the course work. I keep reminding myself over and over again...FIVE MORE WEEKS!!! I've never wanted a Summer to get over with like I have this one. By the time I get out, Summer will be in our rear view mirror. Katie and Kelsey will be back in school and I will be studying for the national exam. A break would be nice. I envy those who can break away.

I am thankful for this past weekend. Gina decided to schedule her patients so she could have Friday off. She said she really needed a day off. She's been working weekends at nursing homes too! Well, she rescheduled a day for family time. Brook and Jennifer allowed us the use of their most beautiful swimming pool in the whole wide world. We spent the day as a family swimming and laughing together. Saturday afternoon we drove back to their home and joined a party in progress. Plenty of sun, conversation, food, and fireworks. It was about as close to a vacation that Gina and I will be able to get for a while.

Next year Gina and I will be celebrating our 20th anniversary. Wow, hard to believe. I know it's wishful thinking, but I'd love to take her somewhere special. Maine? Charleston? Scotland? There's been places we've talked about going ever since we got married. I hope we can swing it.

Summer by the way, never was my favorite time of the year. Fall is my favorite. Some Fall I'd like to take an extended weekend back up to Bowling Green, KY with my family. It's been 13 years since we left there and I'd like to take my little ones there and show them around. Heck, I might even load up the bikes for the venture. There are people I'd love to see again.

Or...I would like to go to Memphis (via Germantown), TN and see our old friends the Obermillers again. I really miss them. Maybe take in some blues and eat some of that world famous barbecue. That sounds outstanding.

I've been thinking about camp this Summer. My girls have never had a camp experience. I grew up going to Camp Bethlehem. You've read the posts. Next Summer after school, I would love to drive down there with my girls and my guitar in tow. Gina has told me in the past that camp isn't what she has in mind as a vacation. Maybe not - but it always was an incredible experience for me growing up.

Right now I am chained to life and envious of all who can make their way free. I am thinking of all kinds of places that I'd rather be right now. Tonight I passed a validation in massage. Tomorrow night I have a Kinesiology test on all the muscles of the foot. Later in the week I'll be in massage clinic. It's been one hurdle after another, and I am trying my best to run the good race and try not to stumble along the way.

Gina in the meantime will keep going to the office and seeing patients. She's working at nursing homes after she leaves the office. So much time, and always behind on paperwork. She's been running the gauntlet since I started school a year ago. She's working hard so we can continue to work along side each other in the years to come. That's been the dream all along.

For now, we will steal some moments together and make believe we are having brief vacations between the patients and testing. Sun up to sun down - keep our hand to the plow and our eyes on the horizon during this time. Occasionally we'll sit beneath the shade of the tree together to rest and think of far away places.
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