Saturday, July 25, 2009

Karl's Pizza

You know the guy. He's the one in every crowd that when it's time for everyone to eat - insists on everyone chipping in on a pizza. He's the guy that doesn't 'chip in' but makes sure that he gets his fair share of the pie. Usually he is more fair to himself than his enduring friends.

I remember a fellow that would be chomping on a slice with one hand while his other hand was on the pan claiming his next slice. When he finished one piece, he'd keep doing the same until he had his fill. I've known quite a few of these user types in my life. I'm sure you've had to put up with your share too.

So when it comes time to pay the bill, he always has a hard luck story or seemingly misplaced his billfold somewhere. I guess he sees all his other friends sitting around the table as more well off financially than he.
His mooching has become so common that he rarely if ever says 'thank you'. For some self-serving justification he feels he's entitled to his free lunch because he sees himself as had having it harder than the rest. Their lives seem to be so much better than his, and they can afford to cover his tab. Why, they are doing so much better in life that it should be their responsibility to take care of him.   I'm sure you've met this fellow Karl before.

Do you get where I am going with this - or must I line the pepperonis up a little more for you?
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