Friday, June 26, 2009

political correctness

Our guys were killed and wounded by Viet Cong, by North Vietnamese Army soldiers, by Chinese Army advisors, by civilian sympathizers, by explosives hidden in the clothing of children, by soap bars with razor blades inside, by poisoned candy and foodstuffs, by multitudes of assorted booby traps, by our own troops, through bad artillery coordinates and defective munitions. We lost troops because we were commanded not to lock and load our weapons, and not to fire until we were fired upon. This came directly from Lyndon Johnson, POTUS, who tried to micro-manage a war from the White House, with left-wing idealistic ideology, and the technology of the 1960’s. After the initial deaths of fellow Marines because of this diabolical command, we disregarded the order, at possible pain of arrest and courts-martial. These were my comrades, and brothers-in-arms. We fought because Communism is a threat to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We weren’t political, we were patriotic.

Read Hebrews, Chapter 11, for accounts of martyrs for the Kingdom of God, which has been repeated throughout history by faithful saints who chose to die for Christ, rather than bow to the then current lassez -faire politically correct doctrines and fads.

My wife has had 10 miscarriages, a tubal pregnancy, a child born in the 2nd trimester who was only able to live for 20 minutes, 2 children with spina-bifida, one of whom died of complications at 8 months of age. We met many other families whose stories dwarfed ours. Every death is a loss and a heartbreak. Every one significant in the whole scheme of things, and every one a scar written on the heart of our Savior and Creator, who loves every soul he has made, and died to redeem us all. We will continue to choose to trust Him, and understand what we can, leaving the rest to His wisdom and sovereignty.

The recent deaths of some celebrities has brought forth the usual responses of shock, sadness and loss. These are ‘usual’ responses because that’s what the deaths of fellow human beings always elicit. It reminds us that we all will face such a day, and it pains us because we genuinely care about other people. The tragedy of the power of personality cults is that it can make us inordinately concerned with people who touch us with their art, talent and influence to the degree that we think we really ‘know’ them. They become ‘larger than life’, and when their lives end, we have been conditioned to have a ‘larger than normal’ reaction. If we don’t fall in line, say all the things expected of us, wear the correct color ribbon, etc., we can be looked upon as unfeeling, cruel, inhuman.

If, in an attempt to bring a larger context into view, we point out that celebrity deaths are just as painful, sad, and traumatic to their family, friends and loved ones, and yes, fans, but are no more tragic than other, less well known, or unknown people, there often
arises a firestorm of recriminations, accusations, etc. I’m sure there are a lot of reasons in hearts and minds for this, and I’m not smart enough to figure out the nuances of human motives, but the reactions are often more heated than seem appropriate for just trying to bring a balance to the situation.

I know this, I believe political correctness is a blight on humanity, and gives dark forces the leverage to divide people through the elimination of original thought and critical examination. Let’s grieve with those who grieve, and rejoice with those who rejoice as well as our consciences will allow. But, away from me, all who only give the ‘correct answer’, or the ‘expected response’. That type of ‘thinking’ cost the lives of many of my friends, and causes untold problems for human relationships, and society as a whole.

-Danny Daniels
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