Sunday, June 28, 2009


how do i worship you o Lord
for all your goodness
for all you are
how do i worship you
for each moment i have had breath
down every hard road
deliverer savior
all the blessings and answered prayers
through pain fear doubt
you have been there and always close
i will worship you
you are in my every day
i will proclaim you
throughout my years
you are in my song
because you are my only reason to sing
you are my song
you bring hope to every hopeless moment
you are the reason for all good things
my redeemer
i give you all of what little i am
what little lifespan i have
i will ever point to you
o Lord
i will speak of your goodness and mercy
your love
your light
i will burn it until i am ashes
give away and let go
until there is nothing more of me
o Lord
teach me show me
how to be less
so i may worship you more

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