Saturday, June 27, 2009

lyric & rhythm

i am not a musician
but i'm a good faker
who started out some thirty odd years ago
with a few good lines
and three chords
on a second hand guitar
i hammered away at that box
until i found some rhythm
and some words for pain
during the time i worked to craft lyric
i threw away a forest of trees
until the lyric sang without me
then i joined in the chorus
trying to find my voice
amid lyric and rhythm
until i got it down
and got down
hammered that box, strings and lines
until songs came out with shouts
i played and play on
for anyone who showed a glimpse of interest
played and play on
hoping i'm never found out
an old kid on the stage
who really ought not be there
a faker
still just trying
still just trying
to get through to you
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