Thursday, May 28, 2009

moonsong is soon

Jose' won't be joining me this Saturday night. He's got some family matters that he needs to tend. I asked Brook a few nights ago if he'd like to join me. He said he'd love to but will have to see how his week plays out. His daughter Liz is still trying to get her house finished before closing. I hope he can.

Sometime I'd like for Brook, Michael and me to play as The Guise at MoonSong. It's been a long time since we've played together and I'd like to do some of our old songs. Maybe one day.

Next week I start back to school. I guess I need to get my behind in gear and register. It's going to be a real busy Summer.

I got my note card printing project in. Gina and I are going to package and sell some of my original artwork in the form of note cards at the upcoming First Friday. I've got some other ideas for prints and will be selling those as well.

Do come out for MoonSong if you have the time.

Monday, May 25, 2009

at moonsong

I am going to be playing more after my the Summer semester at Gadsden State is over. It's my last semester and I don't have long to go. I won't be playing over the course of the Summer due to classes and clinics.

Danny Moon asked me if I'd play up at MoonSong Songwriter's Cafe' and I am looking forward to it. Jose' Rodriguez will be joining me. Danny said that he might sit in on a few songs.

MoonSong has been a labor of love for Danny Moon and I'd really like to see it grow and prosper. I'd appreciate it if anyone coming out would make a small donation to MoonSong to keep the doors open. It's great having a songwriter's venue right here in Gadsden, AL.

I was tempted to bring a band in on this gig, but thought the night would be more intimate with a couple of guys with their guitars. I'll be performing songs that I've written since I was seventeen. I'll throw some stories in mix and play some requests. I hope you can make it.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

extreme skeet shooting

This one is for Jose'.

Monday, May 18, 2009

asking for a gift

"Pursue love, and earnestly desire the spiritual gifts, especially that you may prophesy. For one who speaks in a tongue speaks not to men but to God; for no one understands him, but he utters mysteries in the Spirit. On the other hand, the one who prophesies speaks to people for their upbuilding and encouragement and consolation. The one who speaks in a tongue builds up himself, but the one who prophesies builds up the church. Now I want you all to speak in tongues, but even more to prophesy. The one who prophesies is greater than the one who speaks in tongues, unless someone interprets, so that the church may be built up."
- I Corinthians 14:1-5

My early years were spent in a Methodist church. Most of my influences are from a Wesleyan viewpoint. Even so, through my scripture reading as a young man I desired the gift of speaking in tongues. I can't tell you how many fruitless discourses I've had with my charismatic brothers and sisters down through the years - how I believe that tongues wasn't THE manifestation of The Holy Spirit - but rather a manifestation. The discourses were never initiated by me but rather by those who strongly felt like I wasn't filled with the Holy Spirit because I did not have THE manifestation which in their mind was tongues. The I Corinthians quote above has always been the basis for my belief.

"Or what man is there of you, whom if his son ask bread, will he give him a stone? Or if he ask a fish, will he give him a serpent? If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him?"
- Matthew 7:9-11

Nevertheless down through the decades, since I was 16, I have earnestly desired this gift. I don't know why God has chosen not to give this gift to me - but I will continue to ask. Why do I have this desire if it indeed isn't meant for me? Maybe it's simply not my time - or maybe this gift might be a gift that my Father doesn't see beneficial for me. We are after all made for His purpose and His glory - not my will Lord but Thine be done.

I was telling Gina today about this old desire. I'd don't believe that I've ever mentioned this to her before today. She said, "David, why don't you ask your family and friends to pray for you about this?" Duh - great idea Gina. I'll do just that. So I returned to I Corinthians 14 where Paul urges me to pursue prophecy over tongues in order to build up The Church. So Lord - may I have two scoops?

Now I have some unique talents and know that I could fake tongues like so many folks do. I can vomit gibberish - but I only desire the real thing. I want what gifts God has for me. I don't want cheap emotionally generated imitations. I want what is my Father's hand for me. Let me prophecy Lord - that I may glorify your name - allow me speak to you in your heavenly tongue?

Lord - if you still keep this elusive gift from me, will you pour out your prophetic blessing over me? I want whatever gift you would have for me. If I am not ready - please make me ready.

To my brother's and sisters in Christ who read this. I'd appreciate your prayers concerning this.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

dad on facebook

I enjoyed posting dad's old orchestra photos on this blog a while back. Seeing how I had the scans still on my hard drive and seeing how it's not easy to find old posts - I created a facebook group in which to post photos/memorabilia that is in dad's old orchestra scrapbook. I just uploaded a fresh batch of images a few minutes ago. I ran across some images that I didn't scan earlier and decided to go ahead and do it today. I encourage you to sign up to facebook if you haven't already. If you are already a facebook member - look up the group H. Westbrook Orchestra.

friday in words

It was slow at the clinic all week. Gina's had some time to catch up on paperwork as well as accept fill-in work at some local nursing homes. I pretty much stayed at the office and answered the few phone calls that came in each day.

It was a very slow week.

I've been using the down time at the office to work on a print project. I've spent the last few days at our quiet clinic to design colorful note cards to sell. I've got three so far. I'm probably going to work up six to eight for starters. I may only print two designs at a time at very limited quantity. I'm going to test my market first. Gina and I had been thinking of something to sell on First Fridays. I don't know if they will go over or not but we'll see. If they do sell - I'll take the profit from the first batch and increase the order. Right now I am getting all my ducks in a row - getting a bunch of designs ready so I don't have to concern myself when school starts up at the first of June. I want to have plenty of print ready pieces to go so I don't have to give the process much thought.

Friday was a pleasant day. I left the office at 11:00 and got my little ones out of school. I took them down to Pasghetti's to meet up with some family. My sister Jennie is in town and some of the family got together to have lunch with her. Gina closed up the clinic and joined us. Mom and Brook were there as well. Jerry Connell had some time in the afternoon and he joined us. He later followed me over to the clinic. We had several quiet hours to catch up on life. I spoke with him on the phone a few weeks ago but hadn't seen him since last October. It was good seeing him.

Gina was gone for the rest of the work day. She had patients to see at two area facilities. Jerry left to hook up with his wife Adria - then off to Rome to pick up his sons. I sat by the phones and listened to Rush Limbaugh uninterrupted.

Mother had invited me over to her house after I closed shop. She had lots of sandwich fixings for me and the girls and we ate. I spent several hours talking about life, God, and politics with Jennie. It's so rare to have a conversation with her. Actually, a nice conversation with any of my in town siblings is also a rarity.

I was tired yesterday - but not from work. We hardly brought in any revenue but it was so nice to have time to catch up a friend and an out of town sibling. Don (my brother in-law) is in town this weekend too - but I only spoke briefly with him over the phone. Maybe I'll see him sometime today.

Friday, May 15, 2009


This would probably be funnier if it weren't so true.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

gadsden times article

I ran across this old Gadsden Times article about dad. I guess the Area Development Group was the predecessor of the Gadsden/Etowah Industrial Development Authority. I can't tell the year - but it's sure to be sometime in the mid to late 1950's. There's a Sears advertisement (Broad Street location) on the back of the article - with a five digit phone number. Do you remember when you could call anyone in town via five digits? That all changed in the mid seventies.

Finlayson To Handle Publicity For Area Development Group

H. Westbrook Finlayson, who is associated with Attorney James D. Lancaster, has accepted chairmanship of the publicity committee of the Gadsden Area Development Committee, it was announced today by Carnage Walls, committee chairman.

Finlayson formerly served as secretary-treasurer of the committee.

The committee's work is in behalf of a greater Gadsden area and improved labor - management relations.

A native of Cheraw, S.C., Finlayson received his education at the University of South Carolina and Mercer University, GA., where he completed his law studies.

He came to Gadsden in October 1950, and on August 5, 1951, married Miss Esther Davidson of this city.

Since coming to Gadsden, he has become a popular resident and interested in civic betterment.

Finlayson's committee will include the following local residents: E.L. Darden, Sam Benton, R.Y. Hardway, Mark Warren, Edwin Estes, Burns Cox, Curtis DeLamar, Leon Lloyd and Preston B. Powell.

-Gadsden Times

Saturday, May 9, 2009

American History 101

"I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts, and beer."
Abraham Lincoln

We all get email forwards from friends that are either thought provoking or humorous. I get some that are neither. Even if I do get something thought provoking or humorous - I rarely pass it along. I figure most of my friends would appreciate a little less clutter in their email boxes. I am not emailing this out, but thought it good enough to pass along by making it today's post. Danny Moon sent this to me today - I think you all might enjoy it.

History 101

For those that don't know about history ... Here is a condensed version:

Humans originally existed as members of small bands of nomadic hunters/gatherers. They lived on deer in the mountains during the summer and would go to the coast and live on fish and lobster in the winter.

The two most important events in all of history were the invention of beer and the invention of the wheel. The wheel was invented to get man to the beer. These were the foundation of modern civilization and together were the catalyst for the splitting of humanity into two distinct subgroups:

1. Liberals, and
2. Conservatives.

Once beer was discovered, it required grain and that was the beginning of agriculture. Neither the glass bottle nor aluminum can were invented yet, so while our early humans were sitting around waiting for them to be invented, they just stayed close to the brewery. That's how villages were formed.

Some men spent their days tracking and killing animals to B-B-Q at night while they were drinking beer. This was the beginning of what is known as the Conservative movement.

Other men who were weaker and less skilled at hunting learned to live off the conservatives by showing up for the nightly B-B-Q's and doing the sewing, fetching, and hair dressing. This was the beginning of the Liberal movement.

Some of these liberal men eventually evolved into women. The rest became known as girlie-men. Some noteworthy liberal achievements include the domestication of cats, the invention of group therapy, group hugs, and the concept of Democratic voting to decide how to divide the meat and beer that conservatives provided.

Over the years conservatives came to be symbolized by the largest, most powerful land animal on earth, the elephant. Liberals are symbolized by the jackass.

Modern liberals like imported beer (with lime added), but most prefer white wine or imported bottled water. They eat raw fish but like their beef well done. Sushi, tofu, and French food are standard liberal fare. Another interesting evolutionary side note: most of their women have higher testosterone levels than their men. Most social workers, personal injury attorneys, journalists, dreamers in Hollywood and group therapists are liberals. Liberals invented the designated hitter rule because it wasn't fair to make the pitcher also bat.

Conservatives drink domestic beer, mostly Bud. They eat red meat and still provide for their women. Conservatives are big-game hunters, rodeo cowboys, lumberjacks, construction workers, firemen, medical doctors, police officers, corporate executives, athletes, members of the military, airline pilots and generally anyone who works productively. Conservatives who own companies hire other conservatives who want to work for a living.

Liberals produce little or nothing. They like to govern the producers and decide what to do with the production. Liberals believe Europeans are more enlightened than Americans. That is why most of the liberals remained in Europe when conservatives were coming to America . They crept in after the Wild West was tamed and created a business of trying to get more for nothing.

Here ends today's lesson in world history:

It should be noted that a Liberal may have a momentary urge to angrily respond to the above before forwarding it.

A Conservative will simply laugh and be so convinced of the absolute truth of this history that it will be forwarded immediately to other true believers and to more liberals just to tick them off.

And there you have it. Let your next action reveal your true self.

Friday, May 8, 2009

of tolerance

Tolerance today seems to be the new commandment. Forget the old outdated ten commandments that Moses brought down from Mount Sinai. Our modern society needs to put such fanatical and intolerant teachings behind us. After all, man has evolved into a higher state of being. Tolerance is the only law to live by. I guess that means by today's standards that I am living in a state of unforgivable sin. My views, whether they be Christian or politically conservative, seem to be offensive to many folks. Maybe what I believe - might one day soon be considered (if not already) "hate speech". These days people seem have the idea that it's their constitutional right to not be offended. We live amid so much irony. Did you know that it's okay to be intolerant to people that are Christians - or people with conservative (aka: extreme right-wing terrorist) views? It's true. Not only is it your constitutional right to not be offended - but you can bitch slap anyone that disagrees with your politically correct views. You can be intolerant toward people you personally deem to be intolerant. Freedom of Speech is only for those who see things the politically correct way. What a world-what a world!

Freedom or speech or not - politically correct or not - offended or not - frankly my dear I don't give a damn.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

wimpy wimpy wimpy

It's all too clear that Republicans don't need these kind of balls. Maybe what the Republicans in Washington are doing us a big favor. While they are exhibiting to us how "why can't we all just get along moderates" they are - we are able to identify them and take names. We'll vote their behinds out of office when election time comes our way again. So no matter how conservative they may talk during campaign season - little will they realize that it's really sitting duck season. We need real conservatives who are willing to stand and fight for conservative ideas. Not just fiscal ideology but leaders who will speak against the euthanasia of our unborn. Representatives who will shut off our borders to influx of illegal aliens. I know that there will be a lot of Democrats lose their seats this next election - but I am hoping that a lot of wimpy Republicans lose their seats as well. The Republicans in Washington need to get in or out of the way instead of trying to convince us that Reaganism is dead and Wimpyism is in.

We earnestly need to move our Congress toward term limits. We do not need professional politicians who once in office, end up not serving the people but rather themselves. We need men in office that who will go serve their term - then return to plowing their fields after their time in Washington is over.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Obama's big budget cuts?

This is a great youtube video. Fact doesn't mean anything to Obamaites - because they don't want fact - they just want their ears tickled. How many times have I heard "at least he's trying to do something!"

Friday, May 1, 2009

go ahead - make my nice day

Gina was kind this morning. She let me sleep in and come to work when I wanted. She didn't even give me a wake up call. I've had a hard time getting to sleep this week because of my hurting feet (diabetes related). My left wrist has been hurting in the evenings as well. There's not a day these past four weeks that I haven't taken some kind of pain pill. This week was strange though - I couldn't sleep if I wanted because of my feet. I would lay in bed dead tired and yet couldn't drift away because of the pain. Gina let me sleep and I slept. I had a very strange dream this morning that I am tempted to share but it is too long. I woke up at 9:30 and casually got ready to leave the house.

I made it down to the office about 10:30. I sat down and caught up on a few tasks. I hadn't accomplished much of anything when Gina comes into the back room and says, "All my patients have canceled today - let's hit a matinee."
This is so strange for Gina - she's not one for jumping into the escape pod in the middle of the day. She asked me what movie was showing at noon. I thought she was kidding so I kind of laughed it off and didn't do it. It's so unlike her. Gina came back about fifteen minutes later and asked me what was showing. "You're serious?"

We went and saw Wolverine, the latest sequel to the X-Men series. I felt like I was playing hooky on life sitting in that theater during the middle of a work day. I looked over and there was my boss - so I knew it was okay. We both really enjoyed the show. If you didn't know, I didn't grow up reading super hero comic books. There was Batman and Superman cartoons and television shows that I would watch. I didn't buy those kind of comic books as a kid - but would read them if they were loaned or given to me. I have never purchased an X-men comic book and didn't understand the premise of the story until the movies came out. I don't recall ever seeing one in a theater before but would see them as part of a double feature at the drive-in. That being said, I love this Wolverine movie.

wasn't really impressed with the previews but I enjoyed this one over all the others. I haven't really been all that impressed with the previous X-Men releases - they were good but not really all that memorable. This Wolverine movie was a great ride.
Funny thing - the first movie moment that I ever saw Hugh Jackman as Wolverine - I immediately thought of Clint Eastwood. Seriously. I think Jackman's make-up guy used a picture of early 1970's Eastwood to develop Jackman's overall Wolverine look. In this new movie - Hugh seems to be doing Eastwood doing Wolverine. When you go see this movie - just look at all the little expressions that Jackman's Eastwood!

So I am wondering when somebody out in Hollywood will make the connection and bring us Jackman as Blonde (aka:the man with no name). After watching this movie today I know that Jackman could pull it off. Clint though might have one up on Hugh. Not only can Clint squint - but Clint's got that smooth quiet cool going for him. I'll make a prediction. Hugh Jackman is going to be given some Eastwood type roles in the future. Maybe not as Blondie - maybe not as Dirty Harry - but he'll be given some roles that will wreak of Eastwood. I wouldn't mind it - that is if the movies are actually good. Old Clint isn't making Clint kind of movies anymore. Not many actors could pull that brand of tough guy off. Hugh I believe could. Then again. Hugh might do himself a favor and not venture too far down that trail if he wants to define himself as Hugh and not Clint. But...then again...tell me what young man didn't want to grow up to be a little like the man with no name?
So the movie let out a little before 2:00. We both headed over to pick up the girls from school. Gina and I had a great time together. It was like one of those dates a couple would have before marriage - before feeling the weight of the world on our shoulders. We played hooky from the world today, and it was delightful. We picked up the girls, took them to the office by 3:00. Gina and I did a little work till 5:00. We then all went downtown for First Friday. After a while we sat down and had some incredible ribs. Oh man - they were good! The girls followed it with some homemade ice cream. Gina had peach and Katie and Kelsey had chocolate. I had a taste of each but I didn't go any further. The peach was very good. I wished that I could have had a whole bowl of it but I have to be satisfied to have at least had a taste of it.

Then the rain came. I should say that the storm came. The wind was blowing and vendors started tearing down their tents whilte the wind fought them. Vendors were quickly packing up merchandise as people started to run for cover or cars. We made it to the van before the down pour. We were all in good spirits and it was a very pleasant outing. The girls were finishing their ice cream in the van as the skies turned black and rain beat on the windows. We inched our way home in the bumper to bumper traffic amid the heavy rain. It was such a great day today that I didn't mind the tedious ride home. I wish every Friday were like today-what-a-day.