Thursday, March 6, 2008

as time goes by

Gina ran across her old photo album earlier during the week. The book is filled with old photos and keepsakes from our courtship. I look at these two people and remember those days, that special young woman, that love we began to share. As much as I loved Gina back then, I love her even more now. I have no doubt that God brought our lives together, there is no other that loves me like Gina and there is no other that I could love like her. So much time has passed since we first held hands - since I first told her that I loved her and rejoiced when she said she loved me too. Over twenty years have passed since and our love has not faded, no, it has grown and deepened. I know that this love will grow and deepen even more as time goes by. This love will carry on beyond death itself. Thank you God for my beloved Gina.
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