Monday, March 17, 2008

good day

I got a call from my sister Jennie this weekend. She said that I could pick up their old van parked in Alabama City at her father in-laws. It's a 1991 Mazda van. It's got some exterior blemishes but it looks pretty good. I think the fan belt needs to have a look at but all in all it's in pretty good shape. No A/C though. Nevertheless I am just glad to have another vehicle. As I mentioned earlier, we've been juggling cars for the past month and now glad that our family can be in two different places at once. Whew, It was pretty tough when Gina was having to get to the office by 5:00am! I was also glad to see a trailer hitch on the back of it. This means I can drag my lawnmower around when I need it.

The VW is ready to be picked up. It's been in the shop on and off for the past few weeks. The old red Caravan needs to be put in the shop. We've needed it too much as of late to let it go in. As of this week, we'll be able to leave it over at Bill Noah's for much needed service. Hurrah! We are hoping that some of the parts from the old deceased white 93 Grand can be moved over to the running red one. I'll be putting the old trailer hitch onto the red van, that'll be nice.

The weekend went well. The highlight was being on Bruce's worship team with Brook, Liz, LeNola & Tim (aka: Bam-Bam aka: Tailgunner Tim). He has that kick drum of his going so fast and hard that it sounded like a 50CAL. After church services the worship kinship met for a little while. It's always nice to plug in together and discuss where God seems to be leading us. I had to cut out a little early because Katie had a violin recital at the Cultural Arts Center.

Katie had a friend over this weekend. Her friend too is learning to play violin at school and both spent the weekend together at our house playing and practicing. They seemed to have a great time together. Katie doesn't have a lot of friends over - all the friends I've met of hers so far are as sweet as can be...never a bother.

My father in-law turns 83 tomorrow. We met up at Courtyard Cafe' today with family and had a birthday party/extended lunch for him - great food by the way. Meeting a few tables over from us were ladies of the Red Hat Society. I scribbled a cartoon on a place-mat that Gina saved from being tossed by the waitress. No, no one actually wore a hat as fancy as this but I'm sure they would if one happened to exist.

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